2019 Smoky Mountains Regional Winning Team List

2019 Smoky Mountains Regional Awards Ceremony
2019 Smoky Mountains Regional Space Ship Latch Placement Strategy

FIRST EVER FTC Championship in Tennessee!!!!!!

Feb 2, 2019 TNFIRST FTC State Championship –

Here’s the link for a PDF file of the winning teams (with teams 7209 and 13808 advancing to Houston Championship at the end of April)

Feb 2 TNFIRST FTC Tennessee State Championship Winning Team List

And here’s a link to a Excel Spreadsheet of the team names and numbers to help identify the winning team listing above…

Short Team Name and Number Spreadsheet



$1.2M in new team funding is available from FIRST HQ in New Hampshire. Use the link below to learn more and request a grant.

And please email TNFIRST at for news about a local grant program for rookie FRC teams in Tennessee.

FIRST teams in Tennessee (all levels of competition):

Please reach out to Charlie Spencer from the Tennessee Valley Robotics organization to apply for rookie team funding. Charlie has been engaged with robotics for many years while a project advisor at TVA and is now heading up a nonprofit effort to promote robotics as a key facet for the advancement of STEM in the K12 student community throughout the Tennessee Valley. His organization’s dedication to helping build FIRST teams is strong and they want to hear from YOU! He can be reached at