2015 Game Reveal: Recycle Rush

Watch the reveal It’s time to get to work! If you missed the kickoff broadcast, you can watch the recorded video at http://corporate.comcast.com/news-information/news-feed/2015-first-robotics-competition-kickoff. Or go straight to the game reveal at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTyCIYZQ_1s. Download the 2015 […]

2015 Smoky Mountain Regionals

April 1-4 Join us at the Knoxville Convention Center on April 1-4 for the 2015 Regionals! Please use the link below to book your hotel rooms for regional events. The link will direct you to […]

2014 FIRST Robotics Competition AERIAL ASSIST Game Details, Videos and More

AERIAL ASSIST is played by two competing Alliances of three robots each on a flat 25’ x 54’ foot field, straddled by a truss suspended just over five feet above the floor. The objective is […]