And the winners are…

The Smoky Mountains Regional winning alliance celebrates their victory! The alliance was made up of Team 2614 – Mountaineer Area Robotics (MARS) from Morgantown WV, Team 4265 – Secret City Wildbots from Oak Ridge TN, and Team 3843 – Murray Calloway Robotics (Robo Racers) from Murray KY.

A complete listing of the winners and awardees is here:

Thank you to all of our sponsors, volunteers, and teams for a wonderful Smoky Mountains Regional event!


Recap of our Regional

The Smoky Mountains Regional High School Robotics Competition had an extremely successful event at the end of March with Collierville HS (outside Memphis) winning the Rookie All Star award and Oak Ridge H.S. being one of the three high school Regional Winners of the event. Both of these Tennessee schools will receive an invitation to the world championships at the Edward Jones dome in St Louis.

Dean Kamen Memphis Metro Schools a FIRST

On Wednesday, January 15, a one of a kind event happened in Memphis. Dean Kamen, Founder of FIRST and Fred Smith, the CEO of Federal Express had a meeting of the minds.

Aerial Assist

Aerial Assist is played by two competing Alliances of three robots each on a flat 25ft x 54ft field, straddled by a truss suspended just over five feet above the floor. The objective is to score as many balls in goals as possible during a two-minute and 30-second match. The more Alliances score their ball in their goals, and the more they work together to do it, the more points their Alliance receives.

Latest Local Awards

Congrats to the L&N STEMpunks
FRC Team 3966, known as the L&N STEMpunks, from Knoxville, Tennessee, is the 3rd Place Winner in the 2014 Safety Animation contest with their submission, 'Distractions Kill.'


New and Updated Information Available
For 2014, we now have over 150 confirmed scholarship providers that are making available almost 900 individual scholarship opportunities with a total value of more than $19,000,000.

From the Kickoff

Get a copy of Dr. Hamel's Slides
After Dr. Hamel's presentation on Kick-off Saturday, several people asked about getting a copy of the presentation. Dr. Hamel has graciously provided a pdf copy of the slides.